"The House That Djoser Built" by William Scott Davison a.k.a. Djoser Pharaoh

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"The House That Djoser Built" by William Scott Davison a.k.a. Djoser Pharaoh

Many people have asked me why I took on the name or alias Djoser. Why? What does it mean? Where does it come from? Well, I'd like to take a moment to explain that. Djoser, pronounced like dough -the stuff bread is made of- and Zer combined results in Djoser. It is an ancient name derived from the land of Kemet (Egypt) which literally means (black land) in Africa. Like many African Americans, I was born here in America but have always been spirit drawn and connected to my African heritage.

On my spiritual journey, which took me from westernized religions all the way back to ancient Kemetic spirituality, I stumbled upon a pharaoh called Djoser, whose name translates as "Divine of Body", which to me equates to having integrity, sound stability, and strong foundation. I instantly connected to those ideals. That is the type of human being I am and want to be. Djoser was an emperor of the 3rd dynasty in Kemet, known for his innovations and for succeeding in the task of construction of the earliest important stone building in Egypt, The Pyramid of Djoser.

The Pyramid of Djoser was the prototype for the pyramids and architecture that was to come. It was literally built in steps, as opposed to the angular pyramids that came later. The step pyramid is symbolic to me, in that it reminds me that this is how all things are accomplished. All great houses are built in steps.

Welcome to the House of Djoser! 

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  • Shirley Papin

    Good stuff !!! All is impressive. May GOD bless you in this endeavor.

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