One Small Step for Man, and One Giant Leap Toward Designing Your Life!

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One Small Step for Man, and One Giant Leap Toward Designing Your Life!

People generally tend to think that you have to have this, in order to do that. That a problem can't be solved without having the traditional tools to solve that problem, or to reach a particular goal. Me on the other hand, I tend to lean more toward, innovation, creativity and a little magic. 

Yes I do indeed believe in magic! You know why? Because magic is all about innovation and using the resources around you to bring something great to life! I know, it sounds good, but how can this fantastical mentality be used practically in real life? Well first you have to get off of your high horse and join me in my fantasticality lol. 

Let's go back in time for a bit. In 1877, a black boy named Garrett was born in Claysville, Kentucky. He was the son of a slave and born in a time when every odd was against him. At the age of 14, armed with nothing more than a sixth grade education, he left home in search of work. While working as a handyman at a sewing machine company, he developed a love for fixing things. The first thing he fixed was a sewing machine, then he began to innovate and using the tools he had around him, in combination with his own natural affinity to create solutions, he "magically" invented a belt fastener for sewing machines.

As time went on Garrett's power to innovate and create grew stronger, eventually leading him to the invention of what was known then as the "Smoke Hood". It is known today as the prototype for the gas mask and all the ventilation masks we are wearing currently. He also fathered his most notable invention, the (three light system) traffic light. This magical man with a sixth grade education, who we owe so many thanks to, was Garrett Morgan.

So you see magic exists! Just like Garrett Morgan, we are all capable of innovation and creativity, simply by taking one small step, that will one day add up to something bigger and better than we could have ever imagined in our lives.

1. You can start by pinpointing what you are drawn to, the things you love, the problem you want to solve in your life, or the energy you want to create for yourself or your environment.

2. Find, Buy, or Create one thing that has a connection to your intention. Maybe you are seeking more peace in your life, find, buy, or create something that brings you peace.

3. Appreciate and add to this item. Expand the energy from this item through use, and growing that energy into more of your space, or your life.

4. Keep the energy consistent with these items, and in this space only add things that connect and compliment the energy you have brought into existence.

5. Every now and then, take a look back at the magic you created. You will have brought to life something wonderful, that all started with one small step!

Peace & Magic,




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